66-74 Broomielaw
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Looking north at the rear of buildings visible above buildings situated at 66-74 Broomielaw


250mm x 355mm


Biro on recycled envelope



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This site is directly above an old pub, Minstrel’s, that has been sitting derelict for 15 years, since it was set on fire in 2005. It used to have half a boat attached to the sign above it, but it was removed for safety reasons following the fire. I remember being in there, possibly underage, a few times and it was always very welcoming with regular live music. There has been a pub in this same site since 1846.


What I like about this site though, is seeing the lovely ceramic tiles and multiple guttering pipes, which are on the back of the category A listed Clydeport Building, which faces onto Roberston Street. There are a lot of buildings in Glasgow that are clad with ceramic tiles on the non-public facades.


The Clydeport Building is a category A listed building on the British Listed Buildings site here


The Broomielaw, despite this beautiful A listed building, has been developed since 2001 into the International Financial Services District and is now heavily populated with some large-scale, silver, blingy and/or limpid, such as the Atlantic Quay building and the Capella building, as well as plenty of banal faceless tower blocks.


The area could still do with a huge amount of TLC as it feels to me as the new development of the IFSD has made this area quite an uninviting area, as a regular Glasgow citizen, to visit.


Luckily, I have discovered that planning permission has been granted and plans laid out for redevelopment of this area. Read the PDF here

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