222 Clyde St Detail 02
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222 Clyde St detail02 02
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222 Clyde Street, detail 02


240mm x 320mm


Biro and Indan ink on a recycled envelope



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Property developers have shown interest in demolishing the building to make way for luxury flats. But the old office block is in the central conservation area so there might be hope for it.

I hope so, it is one of my favourite buidlings in Glasgow.

I visited Morrison’s bar, which was on the ground floor, before it closed due to flooding about 9 or 10 years ago. The interior of the bar was immaculate and very classy, and I felt like I was stepping back in time to the 60’s. The proportions inside were neat and human-sized, and the décor was simple, chic and clean, resembling the lines of a cruise ship with its deco inspired curved bar.

I found this planning application from 2013 with updates as recent as 2018:

Plans have been submitted by Unite the Union for the demolition of Typographical House on Glasgow’s Clyde Street to make way for a new 54.5m tall hotel development.

Designed by Glasgow/Manchester based Haus Collective the scheme would incorporate north and south facing terraces as part of a double height rooftop restaurant with 13 floors of accommodation below.

I really hope the Council don't allow this to happen!

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