Penny Sharp is a Galloway-based artist creating intricate, sensitive and exquisite work in a range of mediums

As an interdisciplinary artist, Penny has exhibited nationally and internationally primarily using drawing, film, sculpture, sequential art and performance.

Penny views art as a dialogue, a language that can be used to have a conversation about anything and everything.

Images are an instigator – a starting point – a method of mediation that allow access to a variety of different experiences which can be communally shared.

She is motivated by the need to explore and understand the why's, what's and how's in an experimental practice that lies at the intersection of fine art and philosophy.

She is concerned with time and space, particularly transitory spaces such as borders, and the moment where one thing becomes another, ideas generated by found objects, dropped words, snippets of light, materials and process.

Current spotlit work is her Common Wealth collection - click below to see

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