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I am a perpetually doodling artist and illustrator with a penchant for animation, scratching about in my allotment and sharing my love of very loud music.

"Regressing, in medium or in influence, in order to make a valid contemporary comment, as demonstrated by all the aforementioned works, is completely turned on its head by Penny Sharp in her 'Contender'. In this extraordinary piece, a prayer stool is decorated with a comic strip story board which demonstrates the tragic love story of Arabella Stuart and William Seymour. Through explaining the torment, sadness and self-inflicted death of a woman who was unjustly denied seeing the love of her life in simple black and white drawings, Sharp draws out the most heart-wrenching episodes of the ordeal and forces the viewer to really consider what happened in human terms. So often, when reading history, one forgets about the human aspect in events which took place. The comic strip aesthetic and having the people shown in contemporary clothes counteracts this sad fact. Inverted regression – very clever."

scottishartblog.com by Fern Insh on RSA Open 2012.

I trained at Glasgow School of Art attaining a BA Hons Fine Art, specializing in Printmaking in '94 and an MPhil in advanced 2D/3D motion graphics and virtual prototyping for design (yikes! yes, that is a mouthful!) in 2003,


I am currently the Director of a charity for artists, Glasgow Independent Studio and Glasgow Project Room, and have been a self-employed artist, performer and tutor since 2003.


My first 5 jobs were:


1. delivering local free newspapers once a week after school (primary 7)

2. working in a butchers on a Saturday, specializing in making burgers and sausages (I was 14-15 years old and a vegetarian!!)

3. working as a counter assistant for a fast food pasta company during the summer holidays and at the weekends during school (1988-1990)

4. working voluntarily on the door at the Kazoo Club in the 13th Note in Glasgow so I could see all the bands for free (1990-1994)

5. working as a muralist painting kids' play areas in shopping centres across Scotland and even a massive big one in Gent, Belgium (1994-1995)


Here's what has thankfully happened since then:


Selected Film Screenings and Live Performances


'Bad Dreams' @ McPhabbs for Glasgow International Comedy Festival - live vocal performance in front of 2 hand-drawn animations, 2017

'Neighbours' @ Broadcast for Glasgow International Comedy Festival - live vocal performance in front of a 2-D paper-cut-out stop motion animation, 2016

'Stars' @ Blueprint @ Glasgow Film Theatre - a quarterly platform, curated by Hans Lucas, to promote independent Scotland-based talent working outside recognised educational, industrial or economic practice, 2015

'Stars' @ Southside Film Festival - multimedia animation film adaption of live performance created for Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2014 - screened in the awards section, 2015

'Pets' @ Tron Theatre for Glasgow International Comedy Festival - projected series of 4 comedic short animated 2-D films, 2015

'Stars' @ Tron Theatre for Glasgow International Comedy Festival - live performance in front of a 2-D paper-cut-out stop motion animation, 2014

‘Your Lucky Day’ @ City Art Centre - leading role in live performance devised by S. Nelson for Unique Events & Edinburgh City Council, 2013

‘get a room’ @ Brunswick Hotel, Glasgow ‘nature’s disco’ (10second loop, digital hand-drawn cell animation), 2012

‘Vault – the new Glasgow Art Fair’ @ the Briggait, Glasgow ‘subTEXT’ (7 minute hand-drawn ink on paper animation), 2011

‘Hidden Doors Festival’ @ the Roxy Art House, Edinburgh ‘The possible consequences of one action: Part 1- the end of the world’ (48 seconds, hand drawn cell cine film animation), 2010

Glasgow Film Festival ‘Neighbourhood Cinema’ in Jamaica St, Glasgow ‘mask’ (1:20min, digitally manipulated image animation), 2010

‘Versus’ artists’ residency @ Market Gallery, Glasgow ‘Dennis’ town’ (1min, hand-drawn cell by digital pencil animation), 2010

‘Exploding Cinema’ animation festival @ the Arches, Glasgow ‘Social Insecurity’ (3 minute 3D CGI animation) and ‘Art’s Kool’ (1 minute hand-drawn ink on paper animation), 2004


Selected Visual Art Exhibitions


"5@6' @ 6 Foot Gallery, Glasgow, 2016

"Capture Scotland" @ Art Village, Glasgow - 24 hour art challenge + show, 2016

'Nebulous...Baubles!' @ Glasgow Project Room (Glasgow), 2015

'20x20' group show, celebrating 20th anniversary of Glasgow Independent Studio @ foyer of Glasgow city centre arts hub, Trongate 103, 2015

'parabola' group show @ Glasgow Project Room (Glasgow), 2015

"the common wealth" @ Price Waterhouse Coopers (Glasgow), 2014

"a short exploration of the relationship between the concepts of common and wealth" @ House for an Art Lover (Glasgow), 2014

“Crowning Glory” @ Strathclyde Uni, McCance Building (Glasgow), 2013

“7th World Congress for Hair Research” @ EICC (Edinburgh), 2013

“RSA Open” @ Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh), 2012

“Institute of Peripetectic-ness” @ GOMA (Glasgow), 2012

“New Perspectives” @ Pollok House (Glasgow), 2012

“Vault- the new contemporary Glasgow Art Fair” @ Briggait (Glasgow), 2011

“Superheroes” @ D-Structure Gallery (San Francisco), 2011

“Telling Stories” @ Market Gallery (Glasgow), 2011

“Frosty Balls – there will be pies” @ Glasgow Project Room (Glasgow), 2011

“RSA Open” @ Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh), 2011

“Versus” @ Market Gallery (Glasgow), 2010

“Thumb Cinema” @ Bookartbookshop (London), 2010

“Big Antidote” @ Cure Studios (London), 2010

“Glory” @ Tramway (Glasgow) & “Shame” @ Ironbbratz (Glasgow), 2010

“Time to Give Up” @ Glasgow Project Room, 2010

“Zineview: A pop up reading room” London, 2010

“Glasgow Project Room opening” @ Trongate 103 (Glasgow), 2009

“Ironbbratz” @ Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow), 2009

“Nadfly” @ Trongate 103 (Glasgow), 2009

“Independent Members Show” (Glasgow), 2008

“Inspire” @ Scottish Ballet (Glasgow), 2008

“Portraits” @ Montgomery’s (Glasgow), 2007

“Independent Members Show” (Glasgow), 2006

“Glasgow Art Fair” (Glasgow), 2005

“Impact Arts Open Studio” (Glasgow), 2005

“exhibit AMP” (Glasgow), 2005

“Independent Members Show” (Glasgow), 2005

“Royal College of Art”, London, 2004

“Glasgow School of Art degree show” (Glasgow), 2003

“Royal College of Art”, London, 2003

“Satellite 1, 2 & 3” @ Arches (Glasgow), 2001

“Orbit”, various venues Glasgow: “4 easy ways to reply” @ Market, “occupation” @ Streetlevel, “Breeze Brick” @ 13th Note, 2001

“two weegies, one quine, an edinbury whoor & a sassanach too”, @ Intermedia Gallery and Scottish tour, 2001

“Transmission Member’s Show” (Glasgow), 1999

“Kiss My Ass”, 13th Note Club (Glasgow), 1999

“Fuse Group Show” (Glasgow), 1998

“Townhouse” (Glasgow), 1998




Team Girl, Vol 12, 4 page 16 panel narrative art, 2016

Team Girl Volume 11, 4 page narrative art, 2015

Team Girl Volume 10, 1 page 4 panel narrative art, 2014

Team Girl Volume 7, front + back cover + 1-page narrative art, 2013

Team Girl Volume 6, 2x 2-page narrative art, Team Girl Volume 5, 4-page narrative art, 2012

Team Girl Volume 4, 2x 2-page narrative art, Team Girl Volume 3, 4 pages of artwork, 2011

28 Drawings Later, 2 pages of artwork in fine art publication, 2011

Team Girl Volume 2, 4-page narrative artwork, 2010

Big Antidote, 7 panels for first issue of publication by Cure Studio, 2010

Creation of all sixteen artworks (including cover work) for Sewn Up, written by Aberdonian poet, Lesley Benzie, published by Wisdom Teeth, 2001




Glasgow Film Festival, Guest Panelist for ‘Women in Comics’ event along with Denise Mina, Gillian Hatcher, Kate Orton and Rhianna Pratchett, chaired by Ariadne Cass-Maran, 2012 (http://www.comicbookgrrrl.com/2012/02/29/glasgow-film-festival-women-in-comics-panel-full-and-uncut/)


Edinburgh College of Art, Guest Panelist for ‘what are the opportunities and challenges facing people entering and working in the Animation industry today?’ along with Garry Marshall, Phillip Parker, Oliver Smyth, Will Becher and chaired by Ian Gardner, 2009


Membership of Professional Bodies


Glasgow Society of Women Artists – elected artist member, 2012-present

British Women Artists – artist member, 2010-present

Scottish Artists’ Union – executive member & Secretary, 2005-2010

Mansewood Allotment Association - elected committee member, 2015-present


Recent Art Related Commissions and Positions


Art Tutor - working with The Story Telling Village to deliver a series of workshops with vulnerable women in Glasgow in order to create empowering work for exhibit, 2017

Comic Book Artist - The Speculative Bookshop workshop tutor delivering a series of practical exercises; beginning with writing a story, creating a storyboard and developing your ideas into a fully fledged comic @ the Old Hairdressers, 2016

Curator - 'Blueprint - B Roll: Animation Special' @ the Old Hairdressers part of the International DIY cinema festival Scalarama, September 2016

Freelance Artist - creating a costume of an Old English Sheepdog using water-proof paper for Lion TV's doc series, 'Weird World', 2016

Freelance Artist - working as part of BBC commissioned team via local production company Once Were Farmers to create series of films covering the Scottish set texts for on-line viewing - specific role: designing and creating all animatable characters, sets and props for 'Men Should Weep' and 'The Trick is To Keep Breathing, 2015-16

Freelance Artist - creating a set of 12 water-colour paintings for use as info cards for a documentary film about Hibernian FC for purpleTV, 2015

Freelance Artist - working as part of BBC commissioned team via Once Were Farmers to create series of films 'Let's Kick Sum Maths' for terrestrial & on-line viewing - specific role: designing & building 3 puppet characters, 2 full life-size sets & specific physical props, 2015

Performer for 'Let's Kick Sum Maths' (info as above) - specific role: acting + voice for 2 main puppet characters and various V/O performances for several 2D & 3D animated characters throughout series, 2015

Freelance Artist - working as part of BBC commissioned team via Once Were Farmers to create series of BBC 'Bitesize' educational films about WW1 for on-line viewing - specific role: Producing all background set & environment drawings, 2014

Performer for WW1 for on-line (info as above) - specific role: various V/O performances for several animated characters throughout series, 2014

Freelance Artist - providing scanned and digitized set of hand-drawn ink images for Sport City Glasgow web app for purpleTV, 2014

Freelance Artist - working as part of commissioned team via Once Were Farmers to create series of BBC 'Bitesize' educational films about Modern Studies for on-line viewing - specific role: producing all hand-drawn assets such as tables & chairs, t-shirts, hairstyles + detailed land-maps, 2013

Freelance Animation and Film Tutor @ Red Kite Animation - specific role: facilitating and enabling young people to learn and create animated films, 2013-15

Freelance Artist @ The Creative Cell / An Còmhlan Cruthachail - specific role: working on 2 projects creating one-off bespoke hand-drawn designs to suit a range of output media, eg animated characters, embroidered or printed merchandise, website, colouring books & concept images, 2013-14

Freelance Art Tutor @ Life With Art - specific role: working with vulnerable adults, supporting & encouraging them in the creation of their own artwork, 2012-13

Freelance Animation Tutor & Director Mentor for the First Light commissioned animated film, Stargazer via G-MAC Film, in conjunction with members of Solar Bear's Deaf Youth Theatre Group, 2011-12

Freelance Animation and Film Tutor @ ProjectAbility - specific role: running workshops for 8-15 yr olds, supporting & encouraging them in the creation of their own animated films, including tutoring 2 sets of workshops for First Light commissioned films working with groups aged 10-15 & 18-25, 2011-14

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bemused teenager....

ambivalently here, right now...

Let’s talk! If you have a drawing/animation request, a question about my practise, or something to share, please click the box to the left + send me a message. x